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“Thanks for the great service. My clients and I have saved tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes since 2008.” 

Steve Barcus-
Bear Creek Property Management


                                                        Don't Pay More Than Your Fair Share!

Let Titan Property Tax take a closer look at the county appraisal record for your property because you have better than a 50/50 chance of winning the protest with out the inconvenience and frustration of doing it yourself.

Matter of fact, since 2008, Titan Property Tax, has been helping both residential property occupants and investors reduce their property tax liability with over a 70% success rate.  

Don't get caught up in an over inflated tax assessment.  Hire Titan Property Tax to represent your protest.

Did you know that the Harris County Appraisal District has over 1.1 million parcels of property to assess? Of that, only about 350,000 protests are submitted?

That means roughly 60% of the eligible property tax accounts go uncontested.  

Don't let your property assessment go not-protested!  Hire Titan Property Tax.  

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